Jacksonville, Fla. –In a recovering global economy, many third-party logistics providers (3PLs) in Florida have been impacted by a decrease in trade volumes. As a result, it’s very beneficial for 3PLs to form strategic relationships with other 3PLs and carriers in order to expand their business. Established in 2008, Jacksonville-based JZ Expedited Logistics is a 3PL who has recently entered into an agent partnership with a larger Jacksonville-based transportation and logistics company, Spectrum Logistics.

JZ Expedited Logistics offers both domestic and global transportation services, but relies on Spectrum Logistics to arrange for the equipment and to process the documents that are necessary for the transportation of those goods. Robert Fox, owner of JZ Expedited Logistics says, “We hope that by pooling together resources and expertise, we can better serve customers who are looking for an end-to-end supply chain solution.” Not only has this partnership allowed for JZ Expedited Logistics to offer more and better services, but both companies have seen an increase of 15-20% profit in their bottom lines.

In order to create synergy, JZ Expedited Logistics and Spectrum Logistics are using the same information system, and there are many processes and operating procedures in place to ensure the smooth flow of communication. To reflect its new partnership with Spectrum Logistics, JZ Expedited Logistics recently redesigned its logo; the new logo features “JZ Expedited Logistics” in a navy blue, bold Arial font, the “JZ” is outlined in red and connected to the unique Spectrum Logistics diamond by a red line touching one of the rays in the diamond, and above the line is the phrase “Agent for.”

As the New Year approaches, JZ Expedited Logistics has many plans to continue its growth. The company will be hiring a full-time outside sales person, collaborating with the University of North Florida to offer internships to logistics students, and participating in a variety of logistics trade shows and auctions to gain new business prospects. Moreover, JZ Expedited Logistics will be launching a newly redesigned website and social media campaign in the first quarter of 2012. Fox stated, “In the next few years, JZ Expedited Logistics hopes to be in a position where it is a well-known, reputable logistics company in Jacksonville offering superior customer service.”


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